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Dec. 31st, 2008


iWPS impressions, Dec. 11-13

[II will also try to figure out how to include an audio clip from either Pilote's or Joaquin's CD.]

Because moments iridesce then fizzle as days pass, I tend to distrust moments and wait for solid imprints to form, the ones I return to. The blue seashell, unexpected treasure, washing up at my feet when the kids and I were watching the seagulls. The sound of the waves at night when the only light silvers the crests. I look for what I will want to remember for years to come.

Seeing Marc Smith ("SO WHAT!"), slam pappy himself, perform, reaching out to audience members, reaching them with his inimitable comforting raspy voice opened the night's importance. He walked down the aisles reaching people, touching them. (It reminded me of summer nights in the revival tent in the Community Baptist Church of my Midwestern childhood.)

Steve Marsh is one of my favorites, so warm, so kind, so sharp. He tried to get the camera crew to stop filming when he was on stage. "You don't need to waste film on me." A better administrator you cannot know. The MC developed a call and response for audience members after Steve Marsh's name: "O-KAY!"

The MC for the final bout Saturday, Mike McGee made hosting seem so easy. Humorous, warm, he amped up audience members energy before performances, arranged tight sequencing of performances, and made everyone feel welcome. He engaged us, yes ,with his raucous self-deprecating humor--infamous nipple rub and bouncing belly references in a deliberate slow mo high-five fakeout hug. Political and pop culture jokes as well.  Read more...Collapse )

Dec. 10th, 2008


Heading to iWPS

I'm looking forward to hearing all the poets, especially two ATL folks, Theresa and Bryan!

Cheering everyone on!

Aug. 26th, 2008


Open call Spoken Word Artists: Stockbridge, GA, Sept 21, 6pm

Forwarded from Faith the Poetess with no editing apart from removing her phone number....

Soul Of Soul Poetry would like to invite you to a night of spoken word on September 21, 2008 6:00 in the evening.  Looking for spoken word artist who are interesting in performing, the event will be held at the Smilin' Dawg 747 Davis Road, Stockbridge Ga (Adjacent to Walmart on Hwy 138).  Nice environment good BBQ & Seafood also drink specials, an event you wouldn't want to miss, If you think you got what it takes come out and show us what  you got.  Please make sure your piece is nice and respectable whether its inspirational, love, passion, motivational etc.  Feel free to express your true feelings by bringing the words to life. Not to exceed 5 Min's come with your best performance for more information contact faiththepoetess@yahoo.com please reply back asap also pass the word along to other artist that you might no who would be interesting in performing the event will be video so come dress to impress DVD will not be available right after the show but will be upon completion of editing for the low low hope to see you there. Brought to you by Soul Of Soul Poetry.


Love, Peace, and Happiness




Forever, Always ,I Trust Him'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Aug. 13th, 2008


S. Korean musical "Yodok Story" set in a N. Korean gulag

In 2006, Los Angeles and MD was privy to the airing of this S. Korean play, directed by a N. Korean refugee. Set in Yodok, the largest of the prison camps likened often to Auschwitz, the play follows the life of prisoners there. The Boston Globe interviewed the director who likens the play to Korea's Les Miserables.

This trailer was made available by Liberty in N. Korea, a nonpartisan, nonreligious nonprofit whose founder Adrian Hong was jailed in China (and then released) for his Underground Railroad activities.

Jul. 30th, 2008


Recent News Stories about N. Korean refugees

Here's a current news scan for folks interested in this ongoing story.

From the Internation Herald Tribune, "North Korean Officer Defects to South Korea."

From the UK's Times online, "Refugees shot fleeing N. Korea"

YouTube offers some minidocumentaries from Journeyman, a London-based filmmaker, which I'm only able to embed as clickable links via myspace blog. www.myspace.com/kimmchigirl


Jul. 22nd, 2008


Yoon Mi Rae: Afro-Korean female rapper

One of my best finds while in Korea was growing acknowledgement 
of the need to accept "outside" influences. (Of course, those "outside" influence
served historically as painful reminders of invasion/colonization by other nations)
Above is perhaps the best known female rapper in Korea, Yoon Mi Rae, whose father
African American. I had my kids dancing to her music.

Here's a recent Korea Times article, "New Education Needed for Multi-Ethnic Society."

Of course, there's Hines Ward, who perhaps single-handedly has done more
to promote awareness and change in Korea than any other person.

Jul. 17th, 2008


Real Live Octopus! An epicurean adventure

Talk about fresh! A group of fellow teachers and friends sojourned to the Ewha University area to eat real, live octopus. 


Buddha's Birthday celebration, May 24, 2007: Seoul

Just outside of the megamall, COEX, is a Buddhist temple which celebrated 
Buddha's birthday despite the rain and overcast skies.



Sokcho City and Mount Seoraksan, Korea, February

I found a memory card of digital pix from my year in Korea. Here are some moments.

Sokcho, a scenic Eastern coastal fishing village
Some fellow teachers and I went during the off-season during February 2007.  Sokcho was a peaceful respite 
full of great seafood and closeby museums.


Jul. 2nd, 2008



All right, I've just joined Face Book, back from an action-packed and fulfilling retreat at Kundiman

Having had my fill and then some of the bizarre myspace responses, I'm pleased to see the greater security measures available at Facebook and also looking forward in a low-key way of keeping posted/in touch with folks I cherish and admire.

Would someone like to share his/her most outrageously bizarre, random myspace response? I'm sure you've got probably more than me.

Now if I could only get my lovely sisters to join Facebook, but they're even more gunshy/camera shy then me!

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